Residential and Commercial design since 1996

Member- American Society of Interior Designers

              Upcountry Chair for ASID Design Community 2017-2019

interior design by Greenville, SC

 A great designer pays attention to  detail, has the experience to      provide valuable guidance, is    creative, thinks outside of the  box,  has good listening skills that  leads  to a successful and  satisfying  completed project.

With over 20 years of experience we have developed a 5 Step Process with remarkable results.

                                             The 5 Step Process

1 - INTRODUCTION AND FACT FINDING:  We schedule a meeting with all decision makers to gather information on the what, when, how, where aspects of your project.  Some of these include your lifestyle and the function of the space, budget and time frame.  

2- DESIGN FEE:  After we have the needed information, we discuss whether an hourly fee or project based rate is best suited for your project.

​3- DESIGN DEVELOPMENT:  Back at the design center, we address scale of furnishings, color palette, space planning, design style and function.  We choose finishes, materials, window treatments design, furnishings, fabrics, wallpaper, rugs, lighting - whatever is needed for your design.  

4- DESIGN PRESENTATION:  Once the design is complete, we meet with you to present your design for approval.  If needed, we tweak the design based on your feedback, revise and provide an itemized list of products and the cost of each. 

5- EXECUTION AND SUPERVISION:  If there is construction we guide and assist either your contractors or ours.  We place orders for furnishings, track shipments, receive, schedule delivery and are present for your installation.

This process culminates in a clearly defined, enjoyable project and the best possible design.  


​​Jean Carter and Company, LLC